There may be thousands of centers around you to teach you English, none would make you speak, but We will.

We are different. We bash your ideas of SPOKEN ENGLISH. Just spare a few miniutes of your valuable time and watch our clippings. We'll push you up to a point you can't even dream off. We are experts in SPOKEN ENGLISH since 1991. We are running more than twenty franchises in Tamil Nadu. Reach your nearest branch and watch our demo class to know our teaching skill. Don't take our course unless you feel we are peerless.

Regular Course - DIAMOND DART Spoken English

Regular courses

for students, graduates and professionals.

Special Course - DIAMOND DART Spoken English

Special courses

for motivated and qualified students.

Summer Course - DIAMOND DART Spoken English

Summer courses

April & May fast track courses for School goers.

Weekend Course - DIAMOND DART Spoken English

Weekend courses

for adults and I.T professionals.

A Simple course that would change your whole life.

English confronts us on every step of our success that is why only 2% succeed and 98% don't. A simple 'Spoken English Course' in DIAMOND DART will change your life forever. We are since 1991. Kill your laziness, join now. Don't fear to speak in English, Your dream has to be bigger than your fear.

No matter who you are, No matter where you are. Start from scratch. Our Spoken English courses are designed to develop your speaking, listening and pronunciation skills for more effective communication in social, study and professional situations. Our courses are available at a range of levels: - Regular Courses, Summer Courses, Special Courses, Weekend Courses.

Don't be the same, Be different!

Faculty Development Programme - FDP

Old ways won't open new doors. In order to boost less experienced faculty members, DIAMOND DART has been conducting Faculty Development Programs. Book us for your next event. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.


A rewarding and profitable business option:- We are looking forward for Franchisees in our venture of extending the presence of 'DIAMOND DART' all over Tamil Nadu, who will help us in carrying forward our ambition. This is a great opportunity to take the chance of starting an educational institute that gives you high profile social status and an inner satisfaction of enlightening people's life providing a valuable education.

Silver Franchise

Golden Franchise

Diamond Franchise

Platinum Franchise

Campus training

Partnering with colleges and schools, DIAMOND DART has been offering 'Spoken English'- campus training for students to boost them for placement within reputed organizations.

* Our participants will be able to:

* Communicate with better English using a perfectly neutral global accent.

* Express emotions and feelings through voice modulation.

* Speak and write grammatically correct.

* Improve vocabulary and use it beneficially.

* Feel more confident, think positive about life.

* We are here to help make this part of your job easier!

* Book us in advance for your next academic!

Campus Training - DIAMOND DART Spoken English